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How I Filled My Well!

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Have you ever found that on some level we create what we need for ourselves, not necessarily what we want?  I’d like to share with you my own recent experience which I didn’t realize till after the fact.  Of course isn’t that so often the way!  And in the end, I think they call that wisdom.

In my last newsletter to you, I announced the meditation classes that I wanted to share with you…after all what better way to start the New Year!  I called the classes “Filling Your Well” which is such an important thing for all of us on a regular basis.  These classes show you how to connect with the deepest part of you; the real you; YOU as a spiritual being.  The tools you will learn show you how to fill your well:  how to find your inner calm; how to create boundaries; how to live for today and so much more!

So at the time I made the decision to launch the class, I all of a sudden became extremely tired, apathetic and listless.  My body was talking to me but I wasn’t listening.  I was trying to push something that wasn’t the right time for me…or for you for that matter.  Little did I realize I wasn’t ready to teach the class!  What?

You know the old saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.  It’s not easy to see our own stuff and what we’re up against.  Consequently, it was one of my teachers that said to me, “You’re just tired”.  What a validation!  I had been so busy with the business this past season that I had just gone into overdrive, or maybe denial would be a more accurate word. 

My well was still empty! Hadn’t I rested enough over the holidays?  I guess I was just so exhausted from the busy Christmas season and I didn’t even realize it.  Or maybe it’s better to say I didn’t want to realize it.   After all isn’t January about making changes and starting some new things?  To get back in the saddle and make things happen!

The hardest thing was “accepting” that I was tired.  Plain and simple.  And I asked myself, what do I need to do to fill my well… before I could teach these tools that would also support you in filling your own well?

Well, first off, I needed more rest with no guilt…that’s such a biggy for me when I want to surge forward and create something.  I had to give myself permission to take my foot off the gas.  Just stop!   So in order to give myself more time to replenish myself, I delayed the start date of the class for two weeks.  Immediately, my whole body relaxed.  Wow, what a gift to myself.  Just time to rest and focus on what I needed.

Another thing I needed was to set better boundaries (which you will learn in the classes).  I realized I was trying to be there for everyone who needed support, but MYSELF!  I realized I had been giving so much of my energy away (my choice) and not even realizing it.  Compassion is a wonderful gift to give, but not at the expense of losing ourselves.  So it was time for me to put the oxygen mask on first.  It was time to say “no” to what didn’t work for me, as well as start eating a bit better, deepening my meditation practice and having more play time! 

You might ask, how can I teach classes about “filling your well” when I had got myself into such a state? Well that is the beauty of all this.  We teach what we need to learn…quite often what we need to learn on a deeper level.  So when I committed to teaching the class, my learning commenced.  I had to start filling my well, and taking my energy back (where I had chosen to give it away).  I had to take a clear look at how I was creating my life.  Where was I using the tools well, and where did I need to embrace them deeper?  Life is a balancing act, and it’s not always easy to keep our balance.  It’s all about our progress, not perfection.  We’re spirits having a human experience… and yes, it’s okay if we mess up! 

So why not give yourself the gift of “filling your well”!  And we can all shine together!  I hope you will join us.   

In joy & light,



Black Beauty Tourmaline

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                                        Black Tourmaline

Awe, the mysterious beauty of Black Tourmaline…  A quiet yet strong protective energy that goes about its business without a lot of houpla!  Its use goes back to ancient times when it was used for protection by shamans in Africa and North America.

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is one of the most popular stones to aid one in their spiritual work.  It can be found in a number of different countries, including Brazil, Africa, Pakistan and parts of the United States.  Black Tourmaline forms  in double terminated points as well as larger crystals, up to two pounds.

It has a deep connection with the earth and is hence a powerful grounding stone as it supports the alignment of the chakras.   Black Tourmaline is pyroelectric, as it can generate electricity when heated, and is also piezoelectric in that it can store an electrical charge, causing it to release negative ions which makes it very supportive for one’s health.  So Black Tourmaline not only protects your aura field from foreign energy, but also cleanses and purifies your emotional body of toxic thoughts of worry, negative thinking, excessive stress and obsessive behaviour.  Physically, it can support one with cleansing the body of heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

Just a little while back I had a client who I will call John, who wanted me to create a healing bracelet to support him with what he was needing in his life at that point in time.   Right away the stone Black Tourmaline was calling to be in the bracelet.   All I had in Black Tourmaline beads was a finished bracelet which I really didn’t want to take apart!  I thought maybe I could use Black Obsidian?  But no…I knew it had to be Black Tourmaline.  So I reluctantly took the bracelet apart to add 7 beads to the bracelet I was creating for John.  When I was finished, I was very happy.  I knew I did the right thing by staying aligned with Spirit!  The energy of the bracelet was smooth, solid and healing, and it was what John needed.

When I mailed it to John, he contacted me right away and said how much he noticed the energy especially from the Black Tourmaline!  I was delighted!  And oh how the Universe works in mysterious ways!  Later that day another client, Shelley, contacted me that she wanted 3 custom bracelets; all of them to include Black Tourmaline beads.  As it turned out I had exactly enough Black Tourmaline beads left over from the bracelet I took apart to create all three healing bracelets for Shelley!  I couldn’t believe it!  So the one bracelet I took apart and "let go of" supported not one, but four people in their healing processes! 

Thank you Spirit!!  It was certainly a lesson for me in trust; that we do live in an abundant universe.


The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

Love is in the Earth by Melody

Crystal Co-Creators by Dorothy Roeder

My personal experiences and intuition

The Light of Moonstone

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 The Light of Moonstone


What is it about Moonstone that is so mesmerizing? Maybe it’s the iridescent sheen, like that of the moon that catches the light and then disappears as fast as it came? Or maybe it’s the mysterious beauty of Moonstone that calls to us and beckons us to explore our Divine essence?  



Whatever the case, this stone has captured the eyes and hearts of humanity for centuries. The Romans used Moonstone in their jewellery dating back to almost 2000 years. While in India, moonstone has been considered a sacred stone used in wedding ceremonies.  In Europe and the Orient it has been thought of as a love stone and was worn to attract a lover!  Another common use for moonstone has been one of “prophecy” and seeing the future.  It has also been used by farmers to aid in the development of their crops.

The colours of Moonstone range from a whites and creams to shades of peach, grey and green – all with a luminous glow like that of the moon.   It can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and the United States. 

Moonstone has been associated with feminine energy – Mother Earth, Goddess energy, the Moon – and the ebb and flow of the moon’s cycles. It supports all female issues:  enhancing fertility, easing pregnancy and childbirth, and calming extreme emotions with PMS and menopause.  For men, it supports them in getting more in touch with their feminine side - tuning into their feelings and trusting their intuition. 

Moonstone not only supports our intuition and psychic ability, but also encourages us to journey inward to find our own answers, using both our heart and mind to determine the most beneficial timing to our choices, and embracing the cycles of creation. And for our outward journeys it has been known as the “traveller’s stone”, protecting one on their travels and bringing good luck!  


What's all this "Crystal Talk"?!

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        A Brief History on Crystals & Minerals


It seems more and more we’re hearing people talk about crystals and gemstones and their healing properties, and you may be asking yourself, what’s all this talk about healing crystals?  Is this a new fad?  Where did all begin?


The discovery and use of crystals goes back to the very beginnings of humankind.  The earliest discovery of crystals or minerals being used by man goes as far back as 75,000 years to the Blombos Cave in South Africa.  It was there that archaeologists found that that civilization was carving a mineral called Limonite.  The etchings were of no particular design, so it is unclear as to what the purpose of the interaction between man and mineral really was at that time.  Limonite produces a yellow colour, so it is possible it was used as a dye.


The next most notable use of crystals and minerals goes back 30,000 years when amulets of Baltic amber were discovered, and it was 10,000 years ago (the end of the last ice age) that amber beads were discovered in Britain.   This suggests that they were a valued commodity in those days to have been brought such a distance.  Though amber is neither a crystal nor a mineral, but rather  tree sap (quite often containing plants and insects), it has still been highly revered for its beauty and healing attributes.


The first historical reference to the use of crystals for healing dates back to 4000 BC to the Sumerian civilization, where they had created specific formulas for magic rituals.

The Christian Bible refers to crystals over 200 times with phrases such as: “whose walls were made of crystals”, “gates were of pearl”, and “where souls that are clear as crystal are jewels forever in the crown of the redeemer”.


Many early civilizations such as the Mayans, Aztec, American Indian, Celtic, African natives used quartz crystals in their ceremonies, where they would strike them together to create a flash of light!


So much has been written throughout history on the importance of crystals and minerals, whether it was to signify wealth and prestige, or simple appreciation for their beauty, or to assist in ceremonies as well as healing.  Since the 1980's, there has been a resurgence of this ancient healing art, where society is becoming more aware of how the earth has provided us with an abundance of crystals and minerals to support us in raising our consciousness as we heal ourselves and our planet.


In joy & light!



More "Crystal Talk" to come!!!

Rhodochrosite ~ a "Stone of Love"

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Rhodochrosite is a “Stone of Love”. It predominantly shows itself in beautiful shades of pink, from soft and pale to a deep rose blush. The most important deposits of Rhodochrosite are found in Argentina dating back to the 13th century; however some very fine specimens can also be found in some areas of Colorado.

Rhodochrosite aligns us to the frequency of love, allowing us to touch into the child within; supporting us in healing emotional wounds and trauma, and reclaiming our playfulness and joy of life! Rhodochrosite also helps us to find our innate hidden talents and abilities that reside within each of us, ultimately increasing our self–love, and deepening our compassion for others.

From a physical standpoint, Rhodochrosite is ideal for imbalances in the nervous system and is an excellent stone to release stress and anxiety. It relieves respiratory problems as well as purifies the circulatory system, kidneys, pancreas and spleen, restores poor eyesight and balances the thyroid.

I would like to share with you my experience while meditating with Rhodochrosite.  I held the stone gently in my left hand and closed my eyes, breathing deeply…slowly I felt myself slipping deeper into silence as a gentle wave of energy began caressing my heart chakra.  The vibration of the wave began to expand and envelope me in a cocoon of peace.  The feeling was sublime… to say the least…  As I continued breathing (a good thing to do!), I could feel my lungs opening up and I was breathing into my whole body.  From there came a release of energy at the back of my 4th chakra, and my stomach seemed to unwind and soften with a relaxed flow. 

So what did my Rhodochrosite gemstone have to share with me? It was here to help us release our self-criticism and create more space within ourselves for self-love.  It teaches us forgiveness of oneself and others, as it increases our capacity for love and compassion.  Rhodochrosite will open our awareness to see the higher aspects of a situation and its loving purpose.  Rhodochrosite is a true gift of love to oneself…and others!

Apache Tears - a stone for loss and grief

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                           Apache Tears  


Apache Tears are a variety of Obsidian - a glassy volcanic rock. They are black in colour and are translucent when held to the light. Their shape is somewhat spherical and looks like a water-worn pebble.   


Apache Tears are found in Mexico and the Southwest of the United States. Their name comes from a story about an Apache Indian Tribe that was pursued by cavalry. It is said that many of the warriors were killed by the soldiers, while the rest leapt over a cliff, rather than be taken. The women of the tribe wept at the base of the cliff, and the dark teardrops of grief solidified into droplet-shape stones that can be found in that area.


Hence, Apache Tears are very supportive in times of sorrow. They help us release our grief, while giving us insight into our situation and our grief, moving us gently towards acceptance.   Apache Tears are a deep cleanser for the emotions, helping us find forgiveness with ourselves and others, as well as releasing feelings of woundedness and victimization.  


Apache Tears support us with a strong earth connection from the base of our spine to the heart of the earth, giving us more grounding. It protects the aura, providing psychic protection while absorbing negative energies. If one is depressed it can help us replace negative thoughts with more positive one, encouraging us to see the light at the end of tunnel. Apache Tears remind us that spirit is all around us, and can help open us to the realm of Nature spirits, Devic energies and Faeries, and the knowledge that is available in these inter-dimensional worlds.


When I was meditating with Apache Tears, I could feel a warm comfort surround me and a protective energy surround the outer layers of my aura, especially at the back of the aura. It also stimulated my root chakra and my 6th chakra (third eye), as it heightens one’s psychic awareness to negative energies – people, situations and surroundings.


Physically, Apache Tears provides strength and stamina as it boosts the immune system. It assists with the elimination of toxins while purifying the blood and stimulating hair and nail growth.


All in all, I would say Apache Tears is definitely an invaluable stone for one’s Medicine Bag!



Chrysocolla - words from the heart

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Chrysocolla is a stone we could all use more of in our world.  It’s about our communication and earth consciousness.  This stone supports us in speaking our deepest truth – drawing on inner wisdom we didn’t even know existed within ourselves.  It draws awareness to the power of our words and how they impact our reality, supporting us to speak from our hearts.  When you wear Chrysocolla it gives one a feeling that everything is as it should be – and helps you share that feeling with others.


Chrysocolla activates our 4th and 5th chakras, and calms the lower 3 chakras, increasing our capacity to love.  It releases patters of sarcasm and criticism, as wells as releasing the fear from which these patterns stem. It is an excellent stone for those who teach, or for those who are wanting to teach, by helping one own the value of one’s experiences and knowledge.


Chrysocolla has been known to assist in the regulation of the adrenals, the thyroid, and the pancreas – regulating insulin and balancing blood sugar, as well as healing sore throats and laryngitis.  It supports the reoxygenation of the cellular structure, increasing one’s lung capacity and hence one’s breathing capabilities, as well as, lung related disorders (TB, asthma, emphysema).  Chrysocolla also strengthens the muscular structure of the legs, arms, back and abdomen, and aids in diminishing muscle cramps and spasms.


When I mediated with Chrysocolla, I felt it activating my 5th chakra, and then moved down to my 4th chakra.  I had a feeling of deep peace and an overall confidence in my ability to communicate and share my truth…


In joy & light,



The Love of Rose Quartz

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 Rose Quartz is a “stone of love” and it is one of the most important stones of our times.  Its’ main qualities are those of love, compassion, emotional healing, release of stress and unity with the Divine.  It will help you be more present in the moment by taking you to that heart-centred place of love, opening the 4th chakra, as well as supporting all of the upper chakras.  Rose Quartz has a very calming effect on the body as it heals the heart of its wounds, allowing one to receive more love in one’s life.  
As soon as I began meditating with Rose Quartz, I felt a flood of warmth and love throughout my body.  I could feel the 4th chakra opening up, as I experienced a soothing wave cascade down the front of my body.  The message of this stone is one of self-love, and how important it is to take time to nurture ourselves and forgive ourselves, as well as others – seeing the love and connectedness in all things.  I was surprised to experience some healing on the 1st chakra, where it was showing me a block – an old belief that was fear based survival, as opposed to trusting in God’s will to provide and guide, and that we do indeed live in an abundant universe.  It’s interesting, because I understand the limiting belief consciously, yet I still need to energetically release the emotional pattern at a cellular level in order to be freer and lighten up!  That is the beauty and wonder of Crystal Healing!  
Rose Quartz also supports us in releasing worry, anxiety, fear, anger and resentment, while having a purifying effect on the body as it releases any excess fluids or toxins.  It lifts depressions, rebalances the heart from grief and loss, aids in weight loss, as well as helps with vertigo, disorders of the kidneys and adrenals, clears the skin and reduces wrinkles.  
Rose Quartz is found in Brazil and Madagascar, as well as South Dakota in the USA.  
In Joy & Light,

Self-empowerment with Citrine

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Citrine is a member of the Quartz family, and it varies in colour from pale yellow to deep orange.  It is a stone that everyone can benefit from!   It is a happy stone, and encourages us to lighten up!

Citrine does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, consequently it never needs clearing or cleansing.  Over the years it has come to be known as the “Merchant’s Stone”, as shopkeepers would place a Citrine stone or cluster in their cash box to bring more income to the store.  Having said that, it is not only a stone for acquiring wealth, but also for maintaining it.  It supports one’s personal power along with one’s creativity, to make intelligent decisions while maintaining one’s mental focus.  It is most beneficial for groups, as it will act like a sword as it cuts through problems, while opening to solutions.  Citrine will also assist in setting proper emotional boundaries and in clearly maintaining them.  It is a great stone for people who can’t say “no”!

When I was mediating with Citrine most recently, I felt it stimulating my fifth chakra as it encouraged me to trust the words I was putting to paper.  However, it’s mainly a stone for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th chakra.   During the meditation, I experienced my energy level increasing as it cleared my body and its auric field.  I also felt it clearing my mind as it increased my ability to focus.  There was a sense of tuning into my true potential and gifts, and to focus on what I wanted to “will” into creation.  As my body intensified with energy, I could feel my 3rd chakra opening up and spinning faster, all the while it was releasing negativity and limiting beliefs that say, “I can’t”.  It instilled in me a fresh optimism for the present moment and the possibilities that it holds!

Citrine is good for weight loss, as well as increasing one’s energy during exercise.  It strengthens the electrical flow in the brain, helping it form new connections and patterns of thought.  It relieves emotional distress including suicidal tendencies.  Citrine supports digestion, blood circulation and visual abilities, as well as balances the thyroid, activates the thymus and removes toxins from the body.

The name Citrine comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon.  It was used as a gem in Greece dating back as far as 300 BC.  Much of the commercial Citrine on the market is heat-treated Amethyst.  Deposits of natural Citrine can be found in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, France, Scotland and the USA.

In joy & light,


Crystal Clarity - Fluorite

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Fluorite is a most beautiful stone - ranging in shades of pale greens to smoky purples.   Yet despite its very delicate appearance it is very potent!

While meditating with Fluorite, I noticed how it shifted my focus to the centre of my head (where we experience neutrality to ourselves and others) and could feel it cutting through the fog and clearing my auric field as well as my body.  It brought me into the present moment and eased some stomach tension I was experiencing.  I felt greater clarity and confidence while looking at situations that required my decision-making ability. 

Fluorite brings order to chaos and assists in creating structure in one's life.  It clears the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity, increasing our ability to concentrate and make decisions.  It is known as a "stone of discernment and aptitude".   Fluorite helps one to understand and balance relationships (groups and individuals) attuning to the realm that is "for the good of all". 

Physically, Fluorite is purifying - cleansing and eliminating that which is in disorder.   It supports the body in aligning with the ultimate state of physical perfection - ideal health, intellect and emotional well-being.  It also supports the brain, bones and teeth.  Fluorite has been used in the treatment of cankers, colds, flu, staph as well as highly infective dis-ease, as well as providing protection from them.

Fluorite is found in Germany, England, China, Argentina and the USA.

In joy & light,