Busting Out!

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It's been awhile, but it is now time!  I have been percolating in my cocoon for some time now (not too long though - just the right amount!) and am ready to bust out of all that binds me.  I am deepening the direction of the company to one of "healing", as I've been on an inner expedition for the past twenty-five years; meditating, creating, working with spiritual teachers and finding more of my authentic self in my day to day life.  Of course, it is not over; it is a lifetime journey for all of us.  But there comes a time when the caterpillar knows it is ready to change; to transform itself into a butterfly and have a new and more expansive world. 

This time is now for me!  I am taking Lighten Up! more up close and personal; flinging open my doors even wider, and inviting you in to my home and studio.   Come explore your creativity in our Healing Jewellery-Making Classes  and learn more about crystals and the mineral kingdom.  You can further empower yourself by choosing from a variety of healing services.  It is my deepest desire to support you in "lightening up"  and becoming more of who you are!  Thank you...

In Joy & Light,



         “How does one become a butterfly? she asked.
                     You must want to fly so much that you are willing to                                 
                            give up being a caterpillar”



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