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Dear Lighten Up! Jewels!  

We have had some joyous jewellery classes this past month and there's still time to create!   Our last class is scheduled for this Saturday, November 22nd, unless you want to bring some friends together and create your own class - we can do that too!  When you read on you will see first hand some of the delightful creations from our spirited participants!  

It is a wonderful thing to create; we were all born to create!  Whether it is growing a garden, building a spaceship or deciding what clothes to put on in the morning.  It truly is "love in action".  What do you love to do?

When you are doing what you love, you change your whole vibration in your auric field to the vibration of love.   And when you are engaged in such an activity it supports and inspires other people to find their passion and do what they love.   Have you ever noticed when you are doing something you love, how good you feel?  Not only have you raised  your vibration, but you are also opening your heart chakra.  I will speak more about the science of the auric field and chakras in future blogs.

In the meantime, I just realized as I'm typing this that the November Stone I just wrote about for this newsletter is Malachite (there are a number of stones for each month and horoscope sign), which mainly supports the heart chakra!  No coincidences!  Yes, love is the answer, and love is the glue that binds all things.  When you have a tough decision to make, ask yourself  "What would love do now?", and you might be surprised at your answer!   You can even try placing a piece of malachite on your heart chakra... and see what you notice?

In joy & light,



        Healing Jewellery-Making Classes!


Next Class! (Gem & Chain necklace & earrings)November 22 from 11- 4



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                                   Barbara's Gems of Light!


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