The Love of Rose Quartz

15 May, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

 Rose Quartz is a “stone of love” and it is one of the most important stones of our times.  Its’ main qualities are those of love, compassion, emotional healing, release of stress and unity with the Divine.  It will help you be more present in the moment by taking you to that heart-centred place of love, opening the 4th chakra, as well as supporting all of the upper chakras.  Rose Quartz has a very calming effect on the body as it heals the heart of its wounds, allowing one to receive more love in one’s life.  
As soon as I began meditating with Rose Quartz, I felt a flood of warmth and love throughout my body.  I could feel the 4th chakra opening up, as I experienced a soothing wave cascade down the front of my body.  The message of this stone is one of self-love, and how important it is to take time to nurture ourselves and forgive ourselves, as well as others – seeing the love and connectedness in all things.  I was surprised to experience some healing on the 1st chakra, where it was showing me a block – an old belief that was fear based survival, as opposed to trusting in God’s will to provide and guide, and that we do indeed live in an abundant universe.  It’s interesting, because I understand the limiting belief consciously, yet I still need to energetically release the emotional pattern at a cellular level in order to be freer and lighten up!  That is the beauty and wonder of Crystal Healing!  
Rose Quartz also supports us in releasing worry, anxiety, fear, anger and resentment, while having a purifying effect on the body as it releases any excess fluids or toxins.  It lifts depressions, rebalances the heart from grief and loss, aids in weight loss, as well as helps with vertigo, disorders of the kidneys and adrenals, clears the skin and reduces wrinkles.  
Rose Quartz is found in Brazil and Madagascar, as well as South Dakota in the USA.  
In Joy & Light,
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