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Chrysocolla is a stone we could all use more of in our world.  It’s about our communication and earth consciousness.  This stone supports us in speaking our deepest truth – drawing on inner wisdom we didn’t even know existed within ourselves.  It draws awareness to the power of our words and how they impact our reality, supporting us to speak from our hearts.  When you wear Chrysocolla it gives one a feeling that everything is as it should be – and helps you share that feeling with others.


Chrysocolla activates our 4th and 5th chakras, and calms the lower 3 chakras, increasing our capacity to love.  It releases patters of sarcasm and criticism, as wells as releasing the fear from which these patterns stem. It is an excellent stone for those who teach, or for those who are wanting to teach, by helping one own the value of one’s experiences and knowledge.


Chrysocolla has been known to assist in the regulation of the adrenals, the thyroid, and the pancreas – regulating insulin and balancing blood sugar, as well as healing sore throats and laryngitis.  It supports the reoxygenation of the cellular structure, increasing one’s lung capacity and hence one’s breathing capabilities, as well as, lung related disorders (TB, asthma, emphysema).  Chrysocolla also strengthens the muscular structure of the legs, arms, back and abdomen, and aids in diminishing muscle cramps and spasms.


When I mediated with Chrysocolla, I felt it activating my 5th chakra, and then moved down to my 4th chakra.  I had a feeling of deep peace and an overall confidence in my ability to communicate and share my truth…


In joy & light,



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