Apache Tears - a stone for loss and grief

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                           Apache Tears  


Apache Tears are a variety of Obsidian - a glassy volcanic rock. They are black in colour and are translucent when held to the light. Their shape is somewhat spherical and looks like a water-worn pebble.   


Apache Tears are found in Mexico and the Southwest of the United States. Their name comes from a story about an Apache Indian Tribe that was pursued by cavalry. It is said that many of the warriors were killed by the soldiers, while the rest leapt over a cliff, rather than be taken. The women of the tribe wept at the base of the cliff, and the dark teardrops of grief solidified into droplet-shape stones that can be found in that area.


Hence, Apache Tears are very supportive in times of sorrow. They help us release our grief, while giving us insight into our situation and our grief, moving us gently towards acceptance.   Apache Tears are a deep cleanser for the emotions, helping us find forgiveness with ourselves and others, as well as releasing feelings of woundedness and victimization.  


Apache Tears support us with a strong earth connection from the base of our spine to the heart of the earth, giving us more grounding. It protects the aura, providing psychic protection while absorbing negative energies. If one is depressed it can help us replace negative thoughts with more positive one, encouraging us to see the light at the end of tunnel. Apache Tears remind us that spirit is all around us, and can help open us to the realm of Nature spirits, Devic energies and Faeries, and the knowledge that is available in these inter-dimensional worlds.


When I was meditating with Apache Tears, I could feel a warm comfort surround me and a protective energy surround the outer layers of my aura, especially at the back of the aura. It also stimulated my root chakra and my 6th chakra (third eye), as it heightens one’s psychic awareness to negative energies – people, situations and surroundings.


Physically, Apache Tears provides strength and stamina as it boosts the immune system. It assists with the elimination of toxins while purifying the blood and stimulating hair and nail growth.


All in all, I would say Apache Tears is definitely an invaluable stone for one’s Medicine Bag!



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