Going with the FLOW...after Glow!

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More and more as time goes by I realize the importance of going with the flow...  It's when we actually let go, that we can more easily allow things to come to us...without trying (this is an important word) to orchestrate results with so much effort.   When we “are trying” to do something, what does that really tell us about ourselves in that moment?   Do you find yourself saying, “I just need to try and get this done”?   Does this sound like there is effort involved on your part?  Probably “YES!”?   Now I am not saying we shouldn’t put effort into things, I am just suggesting the possibility of manifesting things in our lives with greater ease and less effort.    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have things just effortlessly come to us, so we can spend more time doing the things we love!   


Quite often when we find we are “trying” to do something, our intuition is nudging us in another direction.  Maybe it’s not the right time for this particular task, maybe you need some TLC for yourself to recharge your battery, or there could certainly be the possibility that your list is just so long and you feel you need to be 3 or 4 people!!! (I think we all know this one…a good topic for another day!).  The point is, is to tune in to yourself, and see how you’re feeling, and what would support you most in that moment.  I find when I do this, I feel so much happier about my “self” and my choices and I actually get more done…with ease of course!


So in this moment, I am very excited to share with you about the Glow Event (www.achieveradiance.com) we participated in this past month!  The women were dressed to the nines and expressing both their inner beauty and outer beauty. There was much inspiration and enthusiasm for women to become more of who they are!    But most important Glow was able to raise double the funds they did last year which means more money going to support the Tri-Cities Transition House, Joy's Place(www.tricitytransitions.com)!   Bravo, to all at Glow!


Our  Prize Draw Winner for $100. of Lighten Up! Jewels was Cheryl Bishop, who is the business development manager for Make Your Mark Consulting and Training!   She specializes in supporting businesses to GROW and achieve the success they desire!   For more information about what Cheryl does, you can visit their website at www.mymsuccess.com.   So what did Cheryl choose for her jewellery prize?  It was a tough decision between the Ancient Treasures and the Stonewashed Blues… so she chose the Stonewashed Blues and also treated herself to the Ancient Treasures (one-of-a-kind creation).    Congratulations, Cheryl, you really shine!


In joy & light…



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  1. Anna Kouwenberg July 15, 2013

    Holly it was fabulous to have you at the event – your table looked great and your jewelry was beautiful. Thanks for being a part of our success!