How I Filled My Well!

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Have you ever found that on some level we create what we need for ourselves, not necessarily what we want?  I’d like to share with you my own recent experience which I didn’t realize till after the fact.  Of course isn’t that so often the way!  And in the end, I think they call that wisdom.

In my last newsletter to you, I announced the meditation classes that I wanted to share with you…after all what better way to start the New Year!  I called the classes “Filling Your Well” which is such an important thing for all of us on a regular basis.  These classes show you how to connect with the deepest part of you; the real you; YOU as a spiritual being.  The tools you will learn show you how to fill your well:  how to find your inner calm; how to create boundaries; how to live for today and so much more!

So at the time I made the decision to launch the class, I all of a sudden became extremely tired, apathetic and listless.  My body was talking to me but I wasn’t listening.  I was trying to push something that wasn’t the right time for me…or for you for that matter.  Little did I realize I wasn’t ready to teach the class!  What?

You know the old saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.  It’s not easy to see our own stuff and what we’re up against.  Consequently, it was one of my teachers that said to me, “You’re just tired”.  What a validation!  I had been so busy with the business this past season that I had just gone into overdrive, or maybe denial would be a more accurate word. 

My well was still empty! Hadn’t I rested enough over the holidays?  I guess I was just so exhausted from the busy Christmas season and I didn’t even realize it.  Or maybe it’s better to say I didn’t want to realize it.   After all isn’t January about making changes and starting some new things?  To get back in the saddle and make things happen!

The hardest thing was “accepting” that I was tired.  Plain and simple.  And I asked myself, what do I need to do to fill my well… before I could teach these tools that would also support you in filling your own well?

Well, first off, I needed more rest with no guilt…that’s such a biggy for me when I want to surge forward and create something.  I had to give myself permission to take my foot off the gas.  Just stop!   So in order to give myself more time to replenish myself, I delayed the start date of the class for two weeks.  Immediately, my whole body relaxed.  Wow, what a gift to myself.  Just time to rest and focus on what I needed.

Another thing I needed was to set better boundaries (which you will learn in the classes).  I realized I was trying to be there for everyone who needed support, but MYSELF!  I realized I had been giving so much of my energy away (my choice) and not even realizing it.  Compassion is a wonderful gift to give, but not at the expense of losing ourselves.  So it was time for me to put the oxygen mask on first.  It was time to say “no” to what didn’t work for me, as well as start eating a bit better, deepening my meditation practice and having more play time! 

You might ask, how can I teach classes about “filling your well” when I had got myself into such a state? Well that is the beauty of all this.  We teach what we need to learn…quite often what we need to learn on a deeper level.  So when I committed to teaching the class, my learning commenced.  I had to start filling my well, and taking my energy back (where I had chosen to give it away).  I had to take a clear look at how I was creating my life.  Where was I using the tools well, and where did I need to embrace them deeper?  Life is a balancing act, and it’s not always easy to keep our balance.  It’s all about our progress, not perfection.  We’re spirits having a human experience… and yes, it’s okay if we mess up! 

So why not give yourself the gift of “filling your well”!  And we can all shine together!  I hope you will join us.   

In joy & light,



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