Personal Sharing…

 It is my deepest desire to bring more joy and light into our world…and I believe we all can one moment at a time. It is our birthright to shine our light and be all that we ARE…  to let all of our energy be and not hold ourselves back.  When we do this, we give those around us permission to be all that they ARE. 

 When I founded Lighten Up! Creations back in 1991, it was my belief that we all need to lighten up! - whether it is through the beauty of candlelight, the energy of a crystal, healing jewellery, meditation, laughter or the pure joy of creating.  I have been immersed in self-exploration for the past 25 years and have explored the breadths and depths of the psyche to realize that this is a unique lifetime journey for each and every one of us…and we can have fun along the way! 

How do you want to live your life? We are all cut from the same cloth and we all have the ability to shine.  It is my wish to support you to be more of YOU as you shine your light!   Saying “Yes”, to lightening up!!!  We can do this together in any of the following ways: 

            *Having a Gemstone Reading

            *Wearing a piece of Lighten Up! jewellery that support your intentions

            *Experiencing a Crystal Healing

            *Having an Intuitive Reading

            *Signing up for a Meditation Class

Holly is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Practitioner holding a Teacher’s Certification of Energy Awareness.  She holds a Masters in Crystology from Phoenix, Arizona, as well as is a Master Practitioner in NLP.   Holly received an AAS diploma in business from Capilano University.




The Journey of Creating...

 Holly Bruce-Steiner, founder of Lighten Up! Creations in 1991, resides on Canada’s scenic West Coast just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.   Having grown up on a farm in the countryside, she has always had a love of nature and its unassuming beauty, as well as a love of candlelight.  But it was even more than that - she saw the flame of a candle as that of our inner light.  So she merged the two together and with a spark of light, and the flicker of a flame, their first candle was born!  It was Holly’s vision to bring more light into the world… and they did that one candle at a time, finding their way to over half a million homes throughout the world.

 What Holly loves most about owning a business, is the freedom to recreate yourself anew in any moment.   So she expanded her fascination with crystals and gemstones (that they used in the candles) into wearable art and introduced a collection of healing gemstone jewellery which they have marketed throughout Canada.  


Healing Jewellery


"Our Lighten Up! Jewels are designed with gemstones and crystals from all over the world - from Brazil to South Africa to Tibet!   I say "Our" partly because the company had a dozen employees at one time to meet the needs of our marketing.  But really it's because of my transformation these past few years.  I am now working solo with the Creator.  Each of the stones has its own unique vibration and healing properties, so when I create a piece of jewellery, I am following my inner guidance as to what stones to bring together to support the healing intention of the creation.

Each piece is adorned with a Lighten Up! hang-tag that lists the main gemstone and its healing attributes.  I make all of the jewelry with gemstones and crystals, sterling silver and pewter.   No two pieces are identical, as all of the stones have their own character, just like us humans!"


Butterfly Transformation

Holly is a firm believer in touching into your inner wisdom and following your passion. In 2013 she sold the candle division, and has come full circle with her business - back home to her original intention for Lighten Up!… the words themselves:


                                                  “Lighten Up!”:

                                 to be a beacon of light for all to see,

                            and to support others in shining their light.


The next leg of her journey is more up close and personal.   She is now working with individuals and groups to support them in lightening up their energy field, expressing more of who they are, and shining their light for all to see.


Our Vision 

                       ...bringing more joy and light into our world!