Energy Healing


What is an Energy Healing? 

It is a "Hello" to you as spirit.  We are all spirit beings having a human experience where we are just so much bigger than our bodies.  It is really a "Yes" to you and your magnificence.

An energy healing is a no-touch technique, where I connect with the Creator and channel  healing energy  to you.   In essence, we are clearing your energy field to support you in having more of you in your space.  If you think about it, everything is energy.   As we go throughout the day, we are constantly giving and receiving energy, as well as just picking up energy from all of the people we come in touch with.  Have you ever noticed how often you feel heavy and sluggish?  This is other people's energies;  even our dear pets' energies.   

An energy healing will support you in lightening up!  


15 Minutes                                  $15.00


Payable in person when you come to my home/studio in Coquitlam.

(Cash, Visa, MasterCard)


***Distance Healings are also available***