Healing Properties


       Crystal Healing Properties - Some Highlights!


Amethyst:                               Inner Strength ~ Intuition ~

                                                  Connection to the   Creator        



Apple Coral:                            Harmony ~ Intuition


Angelite:                                  Connects to higher realms


Aragonite:                                Abundance


Amazonite:                               Stone of Hope ~ Healing ~ Transitional


Black Tourmalated Quartz:   Inspiration ~ Insight  


Black Tourmaline:                 Balancing ~ Protection


Black Stone:                           Physical balance ~ Release


Blue Lace Agate:                   Calming ~ Healing



Blue Sponge Coral:               Emotional Healing


Bronzite:                                 Protection


Carnelian:                               Sexuality ~ Creativity ~ Precision ~ Compassion


Cherry Quartz:                       Clarity ~ Intention


Chrysocolla:                            Serenity ~ Inner strength


Citrine:                                    Self-Confidence ~ Attacts Abundance


Crazy Lace Agate:                  Insightful ~ Uplifting


Crystal Quartz:                       Engergizing ~ Healing

                                                  Amplification of one’s intentions


Cuprite:                                   Self-esteem ~ Inner peace


Emerald:                                 Love


Fire Agate:                              Calming ~ Grounding


Fossil Coral:                           Balances emotions ~ Transformation

                                                 Openess ~ Releasing


Glass:                                     Clarity


Gold Green Agate:               Strength ~ Support


Jade:                                       Love ~ Healing

                                                 Dream Stone ~ Good fortune


Jasper:                                    Balancing ~ Grounding


Kambaba Jasper:                   Joy ~ Awareness


Labradorite:                            Creative Dreams ~ Self-understanding


Lava Rock:                              Strength ~ Courage


Lampwork Glass:                   Creativity


Mother of Pearl:                     Healing from the Sea

                                                  Faith ~ Integrity


Moonstone:                            Humanity


Muscovite:                              Strengthen Intuition   


Olive Jade:                             Self-actualization


Pearl:                                       Wisdom ~ Faith ~ Integrity


Picture Jasper:                       Grounding ~ Divine Purpose


Raspberry Agate:                    Calming


Raspberry Quartz:                  Balances energy


Red Garnet:                            Grounding


Red Jasper:                            Physical ~ Emotional balancing



Red Sea Bamboo:                  Emotional Healing


Rhodochrosite:                       Compassion ~ Love


Rhodonite:                              Opens Heart


Rhyolite:                                 Self-realization ~ Soul creativity


Rose Quartz:                          Unconditional Love


Ruby Zoisite:                          Encourages your uniqueness ~ Stimulates creativity


Ruby:                                       Clarity


Rutilated Quartz:                   Energizing ~ Uplifting ~ Mental Clarity


Sapphire:                                Prosperity


Sardonyx:                               Self-empowerment ~ Optimism ~ Grounding


Septarian:                                “Keeper of the Mineral Kingdom” ~ Grounding


Smoky Quartz:                        Creativity ~ Prosperity ~ Grounding

                                                   Creativity in Business ~ Unity


Snowflake Labradorite:        Creative dreams ~ Self-understanding


Soapstone:                             Inner Peace ~ Expansiveness


Sodalite:                                 Stone of Truth ~ Communication ~ Friendship


Turquoise:                              Self-Acceptance ~ Speaking truth with Love


Watermelon Agate:               Grounding ~ Strength


White Agate:                           Inner Peace ~ Awareness


White Quartz:                         Healing                                   


White Rabbit Jade:                Stone of Good Fortune


Zebra Jasper:                          Supreme Nurturer ~ Supports us to “Lighten Up!”


*Please note that each of the above gemstones has numerous healing properties!   We have selected only what we believe to be some of the highlights of the particular stone.   


**The intent of Lighten Up! Jewels is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being.  The information and services provided are not intended to take the place of a medical diagnosis or consultation by your physician.