Lighten Up! Jewels launches new website at Glow Event



Lighten Up! Jewels launches new website at Glow Event!



We are brimming with joy as we celebrate the launching of our new website for Lighten Up! Jewels at the Glow Event in Coquitlam – Friday, May 31, 2013! Their vision is to inspire and enable women of all ages to progressively evolve into the best version of themselves. For more information on how they are supporting women changing please visit their website at 


We say a big “Yes” to supporting women in being the best they can be! We want YOU to shine! We want to inspire you and help you look good and feeeeel good! Whether it is a unique piece of jewellery that says, “Yes, this is me!”. Or some inspiring or thought-provoking words that validate you and who you are becoming!

So our journey is not just about selling jewellery – and we do love our jewellery! It is very much about exploring matters of the heart and soul, and discovering how we can help you live more authentically and have more meaning in your life. You might say it is about deepening our inner beauty and having it shine through to further enhance our outer beauty.

It is our vision to bring you gifts of joy and light… I look forward to connecting with YOU!

Sending you joy & light...