Meditation Classes


We're starting the year off with some meditation classes so we can put our best grounded foot forward in 2018! I will be teaching at my home in Coquitlam, and for those of you who live near Burnaby, my friend, colleague and teacher, Cheryl has ongoing classes throughout the year!  Why not give yourself the Gift of Meditation!


  Spiritual Awareness  

Meditation Classes



Do you find yourself feeling suddenly drained and not sure why? Feeling scattered and unable to focus? Maybe very emotional at times and not sure how to handle everything you are feeling? Everything is energy! In these classes we will learn through “experiencing” how to own our energy and not be as affected by the people, things and events around us. 


We are spirits having a human experience.  It is our birthright to shine our light and allow all of our energy to be.  We cannot change another person, but we can change ourselves… “heal ourselves”…and as we do it creates a gentle ripple effect to those around us… and carries on out to the rest of the world.  Each of us matters; you do make a difference, and the world would not be the same without you.  We heal ourselves – we heal the Earth.


6 Classes: Tuesday Evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Starting:   February 13, 2018  ~ Contribution:  $240.

 Location: My home in Coquitlam: 1463 Blackwater Place


*Each class also includes an experience with a different crystal*If a few of you would like to create a class at a different time, that is certainly a possibility!

Please contact me directly at 604-830-1555

or email me at


Thank you, it would be a privilege to grow with you!

In joy and light…




Class 1  with Cheryl Sanderson in Burnaby

The Basics: Energy Awareness Meditation Tools

....Spiritual Awareness Tools promote love and well being

You were born from love. You are love.
Your love changes your home, your relationship with others and your love affects the entire world. The third chakra for example, demonstrates how you put love into action.

Fee: $150.00 for the Intensive weekend Vernon and the Lower Mainland

It is during this class you will experience how to be grounded in this moment, how to journey into your chakras and discover how your battery (energy) works.
You will have a thorough knowing (beyond understanding) of the chakras.

Forgiveness is another powerful spiritual tool experienced in Class 1. Have you noticed how your energy is so different after you choose to forgive.
More than 20 Spiritual Tools are offered in class 1.

The tools are taught using fun experiential exercises and guided meditations.

"Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I may not remember. Involve me, and I will know."

We will know how to be in a sacred space of inner peace, no matter what the storm.

The spiritual tools are universal in nature and may make a lasting difference in your life.

To experience class 1 as a couple is so powerful and so rewarding.

If you are wanting to do any of The 40 Day programs, you will want the basic tools are experienced in The Class 1 Energy Awareness.

Do class 1 now and be ready for daily or a weekly PEACE class.
The 40 Days of Peace,
February 22, 2018 to April 2, 2018

To register please email Cheryl at
or phone 604-761-1998.
Cheryl began her spiritual training way back when Hollyhock was called 'Cold Mountain.' Astrology came along in 76. She taught astrology classes, wrote columns for local newspapers and FAB magazine. Having 5 planets in water signs, plus the moon's nodes, led her to exploring other spiritual paths - eastern and western, and since 1997 has been teaching guided meditation. She took every program at The Vancouver Leyline Spiritual Centre had to offer 1990-2002. Cheryl is a College Graduate.


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