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  Spiritual Awareness  

Meditation Classes


Do you find yourself feeling suddenly drained and not sure why? Feeling scattered and unable to focus? Maybe very emotional at times and not sure how to handle everything you are feeling? Everything is energy! In these classes we will learn through “experiencing” how to own our energy and not be as affected by the people, things and events around us. 


We are spirits having a human experience.  It is our birthright to shine our light and allow all of our energy to be.  We cannot change another person, but we can change ourselves… “heal ourselves”…and as we do it creates a gentle ripple effect to those around us… and carries on out to the rest of the world.  Each of us matters; you do make a difference, and the world would not be the same without you.  We heal ourselves – we heal our world.


6 Classes:  Wednesday Evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Starting:   January 22, 2020  ~ Contribution:  $240.

 Location: My home in Coquitlam: 1463 Blackwater Place


If a few of you would like to create another class at a different time we can certainly try to make that happen!

Please contact me directly at 604-830-1555

or email me at


Thank you, it would be a privilege to grow with you!

In joy and light…