Meditation Classes



“Filling Your Well”

6 Meditation Classes


How are you filling your well? 

You may ask, "filling my well...what do you mean?" As I mentioned in our last newsletter, You are a flame of light...meant to shine brightly. We are all sparks of light from Supreme Being who have been given this life of ours to live.

But do you find sometimes you just get weighed down? Not sure what direction to go; unable to see clearly? Maybe you're feeling apathetic or depressed...and not even sure why?

We are all spirits having a human experience; humans that are made up of energy. But we can get weighed down with other people’s energy. So how can we get our energy back? How can we feel more uplifted with greater clarity? How can we be more of ourSELVES

I am offering a series of Meditation Classes starting this coming week that will show you how you can take your energy back! You will learn how to fill your well and be more of yourSELF. You will receive empowering tools that will support you in shining even brighter…


6 Classes:  Contribution $240.


Dates:  TBA


You can also participate in these classes via skype (it is preferred that you have a friend/partner, as the classes are experiential).

If these times don't work for you, please contact me and we'll see if we can possibly create another class!  You can reach me directly at 604-830-1555
or email me at

Thank you, it would be a privilege to shine with you!


In joy and light…