Peace Begins with Me - Meditation Classes


We all breath the same air.


I recently watched a video of as Syrian toddler pulled alive from the rubble after Aleppo bombing. It was all I could to not scream from the hill tops, "Everyone please forgive! And then forgive again! If you can’t forgive ask that the person be blessed."


If I am holding anything against my neighbour then I am part of the rubble that almost suffocated that little baby.     


When are we going to get it? Peace begins with me. We talk a lot these days about transparency. Can we be transparent in our thirst for peace? 


If we are not at peace we can ask ourselves in meditation what can I do to bring about peace. "But I can’t meditate," you say.  Do you worry? If you can focus on worry you can meditate. All you are doing is changing the focus to peace. And Peace is catchy. You get it, your spouse gets it, the dog lives it. It’s in the air and we all breathe the same air. 


My father is the most peaceful person I know.  Others may say he has no back bone. Peace does not look as powerful as war and it is not the absence of war nor is it the opposite. Peace is an innate part of our nature. It has no duality, nor is it a dichotomy.  


When we were kids, we often said hello by holding up our peace fingers, “Hey, Peace man, Peace.”  What happened to that?  Even if we were being flippant, it was in ‘the air.’ Now we are embarrassed to look like an old hippie. Our so-called celebrity status is at stake.  Lets take a risk, look foolish and believe in the power of peace. Let our peace be transparent and pass the peace. When we pass the peace we create more peace. 


Class 1 Basic Spiritual Tools focuses on many spiritual tools that will relieve your stress while focussing on Peace and Love. 


for more information about the class and location please see website.


Condense Class 1 into 12 hours  Fee: $225.00

Date: February 26 - March 1, 2015 Thursday - Sunday Thursday/Friday 6 - 8 Saturday/Sunday 10:00 - 2

Location: East Vancouver please phone for location



The 40 Days of Peace Begins Tuesday, March 9 - April 17 2015 

*Prerequisite: Basic Spiritual Tools Class 1

Meditation times: 8:00am and 9:00and 5:00pm during the week Saturday and Sunday 8:00am or 9:00am, only

The 40 Days is a daily guided meditation to experience Peace for 40 -50 minutes each day for 40 consecutive days on Skype or conference phone. 

Fee: $333.00 for your first time. 

Class 1 is required.