Stone of the Month - February - Aquarius


Amethyst is probably one of the most popular gemstones in today’s world!   It is loved not only for its beautiful shades of pale lavender to rich purple, but also for its high vibration and versatility in crystal healing.   I am delighted to say that Amethyst has truly helped me to lighten up!  While meditating with it, I could feel it clearing my aura as well as mending a tear on the left side of my auric field (where I have pain in my shoulder).  It increased the flow of energy in my body while opening up my 6th and 7th chakra, as well as the heart and lungs.  I could feel it effortlessly calming my mind as it seemed to create a vast stillness within my head - aaahhh peace...  

I felt so inspired during the meditation!  I could see my possibilities space expand as I was encased in its bubble of light.  The message I received was:    "We are not to be waiting for our train to come in.  Our train is in and is waiting for us.  God is present and is waiting for us to get on the train.  Seize the day and love life!  Love ourselves and Love God and Love the world he has created for us.  Blessed are we all..."  

Amethyst not only calms the mind and expands our spiritual awareness, but is also known to be very instrumental in the release of overindulgence and addictions, from smoking, drugs and alcohol, to destructive thought patterns and addictive personalities (whether oneself or another).  It will move us to a higher state of consciousness so we are able to see with greater clarity the root cause of our life experiences.  It helps us take response~ability by balancing the brain - this way we are able to come from a higher choice as opposed to an emotionally charged response.  Hence, it balances the body, mind and spirit.  Amethyst builds a cocoon of light around the body to ward off any negativity, and supports one in remaining clear and centred while in communion with the Divine.  It is known as a stone for spirituality and meditation and is here to support us through a complete metamorphosis of ourselves and the planet.

Physically, amethyst purifies the blood and increases oxygenation to the body's cells.  Its high iron content is most beneficial.  It can be used in the treatment of hearing disorders, as well disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth.  Amethyst will release pain from headaches and will also aid with insomnia.

Amethyst can be found in numerous places throughout the world:  Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Africa, USA and Europe.  It has been used for over 25,000 years going back to the Neolithic people of Europe.  The ancient Egyptians made it into beads and amulets.  For centuries amethyst has been revered as a stone of royalty - appearing in crowns, scepters and the rings of bishops.  It has been said to have been the ninth stone in the breastplate of the high priest.  In ancient Greece it was believed that Amethyst would prevent intoxication, calm anger and relieve frustrated passion!