Playtime Creation Classes


            Playtime Creation Classes              

 (Healing Jewellery-Making Classes)


Playtime Creation is all about YOU! I am creating a healing space where we can come together as a small group of individuals and explore the world or gemstones and healing in a playful and joyous way.  Please read on to find out more about our Spring 2015 classes!


Each class is a smorgasbord of crystal and gemstone beads in every colour, shape and texture that you can imagine. I am bringing out my treasures for you to play with!

The classes begin with play and exploration. This is where you can do the touchy-feely with all of the beautiful gems/beads and start to think about what you would like to make.  It is very important that you are starting with a clear creative space, so individually in my studio we will do a healing (hands-free) to clear your energy field to support you in your creative process.   From there we will talk about the gems and their different healing properties.

We will break for some tasty snacks, with laughter of course!  Then it is right into instruction, creation (tools are provided) and more PLAY!   The pictures you see below are only samples of the gemstones you could use... your choices are absolutely endless!    You may want to choose different beads when you make your earrings if you don't want to go matchy-matchy!

Pure JOY when you have finished your creation and you can venture off with your new piece of healing jewellery that you have created yourself!


Sample Classes!!!  

Adjustable Gemstone & Leather Choker
with Drop Earrings
         Soothing Coral "Coral"     
Chakra Meditation
Chakra Bracelet
    Chakra Bracelets


         If you and some of your friends would like to create your own class at a different time, we can do that too!  As well, if you see something on our website that you would like to have a class in, just let me know.   To book your creative space in the classes, you can call me directly at 604-830-1555 or email me at   Looking forward to our playtime together!