Cleansing ~ Russian Shungite ~ Stretch Bracelet


Russian Shungite:  (over 2 billion years old)

Cleansing  and purification ~ protection from EMF's ~ truth ~ transmutes foreign energy ~ rids one of unhealthy emotional patterns ~ grounds more light into the body

Adorned with a Spiral Pewter Heart: support us in healing our own hearts; and as we do...we help heal our world.

*With 8 mm beads and pewter accents.  Easy to wear strong stretch elastic ~ 7 1/4 inches

**Each Lighten Up! Jewel is blessed with the Divine's Love & Light, and in your Highest good.  The attached hang-tag lists the predominant crystals along with their healing attributes, and comes to you in a delicate organza pouch!

***Please note that no two gemstones are alike, so each piece will have its own character.  Hence, the product you order may vary slightly from the picture shown.