Grieving ~ Stretch Bracelet

This healing bracelet supports us in our grieving process.  It is made up of specific crystals that will soothe our emotions, validate what we are feeling, and help as we transition through this period of our life.  It is made up with 8 mm beads.

Russian Shungite:  cleansing ~ protection ~ deeply grounding ~assists in death/birth transition

Rainbow Moonstone:  emotional healing ~ intuition ~ self~discovery ~birthing process (next dimension) ~ psychic protection

Amethyst:  intuition ~ protection ~ wisdom ~ Divine connection

Morganite:  Divine Love ~ compassion ~ releases pain & sorrow  ~supports the physical heart & its energy field

Crystal Quartz:  energizing ~ healing ~ Divinity  


*Choose your charm! (see drop down menu and picture)

**With pewter accents.  Easy to wear strong stretch elastic ~ 7 1/4 inches

***Each Lighten Up! Jewel is blessed with the Divine's Love & Light, and in your Highest good.  The attached hang-tag lists the predominant crystals along with their healing attributes, and comes to you in a delicate organza pouch!

****Please note that no two gemstones are alike, so each piece will have its own character.  Hence, the product you order may vary slightly from the picture shown.