HorseFeathers! Red Sea Bamboo Healing Charm


Oh HorseFeathers!  You've maybe heard this saying before?  It was first used in 1927 and referred to the newspapers - don't believe everything you read! 

And we all know that horses don't have feathers per se, but these beautiful, whimsical adornments do!

With the lobster claw closure you can attach it to just about anything...your purse, your coat zipper, your car mirror...even your horse!

*This HorseFeathers comes with a horseshoe for good luck, a feather for freedom, and a piece of healing Red Sea Bamboo (Coral) which is soothing to the emotions, while supporting your life force and passion!

**Each Lighten Up! Jewel is blessed with the Divine's Love & Light, and in your Highest good.  The attached hang-tag lists the predominant crystals along with their healing attributes, and comes to you in a delicate organza pouch!