The Joyful Blues! Necklace - 20 1/2 inches (price does not include earrings)


"The Joyful Blues"!  The feature stone is Crackle Fire Agate which imbues us with peace and the courage to move forward with what whatever it is that brings us joy!  The Blue Sponge Coral encourages us to speak up about what we're feeling, as it heals deep at the emotional level.  Last but not least, the Clear Crystal Quartz amplifies the intention of the other gemstones as well as cleanses our energy field.  The Necklace is further enhanced with pewter flower nuggets and a smooth toggle closure.

**Each Lighten Up! Jewel is blessed with the Divine's Love & Light, and in your Highest good.  The attached hang-tag lists the predominant crystals along with their healing attributes, and comes to you in a delicate organza pouch!